How do I book a session? 

  • You can actually message us on our Facebook page and let us know if you’d like to book an event or a private session. We’d be more than happy to help!


What’s the difference between an intense and soft/simple edit?

  • An intense edit requires more time to create, usually adding something in like an animal or background change. We can make most any fantasy come to life with an intense edit. Soft/simple usually is enhancing the natural beauty that the photo already has.


Do you photograph weddings?

  • Of course! We photograph weddings, engagements, newborn/maternity, and basically all of the greatest moments in life. It’s our job to capture the beauty that life has to offer! 


How do we receive the photos?

  • For private sessions and events, if you receive the Power Package, then it’ll take about 10 days to receive the unedited photos then 21 days after to receive the edited. We send a link to download the photos through email.