I’m Hannah Davis and also the owner and photographer of Wild Artistry Photography. I’m eternally grateful to be sharing my passion with you. Being just shy of 24 years old, I’ve got quite the story to tell. 
It all started at the age of 18 when I received my first income tax refund. Although photography was never on my agenda, I wanted to purchase a camera. So I did exactly that and began taking photos of friends and family as a hobby. Next thing I knew I started offering photo sessions as a small side job. I quickly realized there was a lot I needed to learn. Regrettably, I put the camera back into its box and sealed it away in my closet for the next few years. It wasn’t even a figment of my imagination to bring it back out until the day I met my partner and muse Jasmine. 
Jasmine’s radiance inward and out was something I could not refrain from capturing. It inspired me to recover that neglected camera and utilize it like I never had before. I began to just pour out art like I have  always dreamt of making. I finally found my purpose, and that is to create art through images of the raw and wild beauty within us all. I have never looked back. I am incredibly thankful to be sharing this dream with all, and I hope to encounter and capture your wild essence as well.