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Jacktrip Server Settings

The settings below help you fine-tune the JackTrip server settings to work with your Internet Connection. See below for recommendations to achieve best performance.

Buffer Size (Frames per Period)

Server Ring Buffer Size

Server Mode

Please note that JackTrip servers run at 48 kHz / 16 bit audio only.

Settings Information


This setting must be the same for all users on this server.
Lower value: low latency for use with high quality networks
Higher value: larger buffer for use with reduced quality networks


Corresponds to the -q setting for each user. Not required to be the same for each user.
Lower value: Gives lower latency but does not tolerate network packet jitter
Higher value: For reduced quality networks that have higher network packet jitter


All Clients: Each client hears all clients except themselves
All Clients with Loopback. Each client hears all clients including themselves

Recommendations for best performance using JackTrip servers:

• For better performance over longer distances, increase the buffer size and the server ring buffer size.
• The buffer size for your Jack Audio Connection Kit (QJackCtl) must match the chosen server buffer size
• Server ring buffer size can be different on the server and your local computer
• A typical command to start JackTrip is: jacktrip -C -q24 where the numbers are replaced by your private server’s IP address
• Make sure to use a wired connection between your router and the computer you are running JackTrip on. WiFi connectivity is not recommended
• We recommend not using a mobile hotspot or smartphone in hotspot mode for JackTrip. 4G LTE based hotspots do not give sufficient network performance for JackTrip.
• Make sure no other downloads or uploads are happening on your network. Dropbox, Google Sync, and similar services should be paused while using JackTrip.
• When running video conferencing apps in parallel with JackTrip connections such as Zoom or Skype, we recommend running these on a separate computer or your smartphone, and to use a completely separate network connection such as a mobile hotspot or smartphone in Wi-Fi hotspot mode, for video conferencing with Zoom, Skype, or similar services.

If needed, you can reboot the server with the button below

Reboot time is approximately 3 minutes.